Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Where is God?

Emma and her children
Today, during the medical brigade in Flor, Suzy pointed out a young mother with 2 children.  The mother looked so sweet and loving.  It turns out that she is 18.  She grew up in IHNFA (Social Services.)  She left IHNFA at age 13, perhaps ran away.  Who could blame her?   The conditions there are horrifying.  She is living with the father of the children who is abusive.  She has cancer.  The doctors told her they could either amputate her arm immediately or she could wait around to see if the hospital got cancer meds.  She chose to wait.  As Suzy told me her story, she articulated the question I had in my mind.  Where is God in this young woman's life?

I imagine Jose David, a 12 year old at our Children's Home, often asked the same question.  He has been with us most of his life.  He has never received a visit from family in all his years with us.  He was known as a "true orphan."  How many lonely visiting days did he ask himself, "Where is God?"

Right after learning Emma's story, Suzy made a phone call to Evelyn, our Director of Finance and Adminstration. Within minutes Evelyn had arranged an appointment for Emma at the cancer center!  

Jose David sharing his testimony
Last week, after 8 years of silence, IHNFA suddenly produced an address of a possible family member in a city 3 hours away.  Our social worker and child psychologist took Jose David in search of this address.  They went from one place to another until finally they found this family member.  His mother!  All this time he thought she was dead!  He learned he has 4 other siblings in other children's homes and two small siblings.  

Where is God?  Right here, at LAMB, working through His willing servants.  

Thank you, Lord, for the people who work so tirelessly and with so much love for You at LAMB.  Thank you that they recognize when you put people in our path, that they trust that you will provide.  We pray for Emma's health, for a full recovery.  We pray for Jose David's mother and siblings, who live in extreme poverty.  Provide for them, for Emma, and for us so that we may continue to do your will.  Amen.