Friday, May 23, 2014


We recently had a videographer, Josh Drake, here to capture miles of footage for a new LAMB video.  We raced up and down the road to SBV and in and out of Flor about a hundred times.  We worked very hard to spend time with each ministry.  Our time with the Alonzo Movement was on Josh's first day here.  They were having an "event" for 50 of the kids.  

This event was a time to learn more about following Jesus, show off some of the talents the kids have, and have fun.

More important, though, this was a time to strengthen relationships...with God and each other.

The real reason I am writing this blog is to share my personal experience.  As I said, we were there to film the event.  I was sitting way off to the side to avoid the camera.  The event leaders announced the next agenda item, a "dinámico" or an activity designed to make a point or teach a lesson.  They instructed everyone to pair up.  To my surprise, one of the older boys moved his chair over next to mine and invited me to be his partner!  I was thrilled and honored to say yes!

First we prayed together, for each other.  Imagine how my heart swelled to be prayed for by this young man, Ronald.

Next, we received the instructions for the dinámico.  One person was to tell the other what their hopes were for the coming year.  The other was to maintain eye contact and listen carefully.  I went first.  One of my aspirations was to learn to speak Spanish like a "catracha!"  (native)  Ronald listened intently and chuckled at that goal.  Next we were to change places.  HOWEVER...there was a change in instruction.  This time I was NOT to pay attention.  So, obediently, as he poured out his heart, I checked my messages on my cell, I looked around, and generally ignored him.  At the end of the exercise, the leaders asked us how we felt.  Ronald's reaction to my inattention was "Mala!"  (Bad!)  Everyone shared their reactions, predictable in that the listened to felt cared for and the ignored felt bad.  All agreed to try harder to listen to our friends and family. Lesson learned.

But the dinámico was not over for me and Ronald.  It turned out he really wanted to be heard. So as the event continued, he touched my arm and repeated what he had just said.  This time I listened intently.  This precious young man, age 20, deeply desires to work with youth.  He wants to share the Gospel with them and bring them into relationship with the Risen Lord.  He wants to work with the Alonzo Movement to do this.  (I had noticed him earlier shepherding the younger boys, organizing them and exhorting them to pay attention to the leaders.)  He would be a great addition to the Alonzo team!

Ronald is like my sons, your kids, and children everywhere.  He has lofty dreams and needs a little encouragement.  Join me in prayer that Ronald will be able to achieve his dream.