Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life happens

I have a new favorite thing about our Lord.  (Besides resurrection, salvation through grace...)  He is full of surprises!

I woke up this morning in Roswell, GA at 6 am to return to Honduras along with Suzy, Sallie, Elsa, and Lucy.  We arrived to the welcoming committee of Mari, Sammy, David, Evelyn, Judith and LAMB friend Elsa.  We headed immediately to Suzy's house where Toyita, Tomasa and Judith had prepared a delicious feast of chicken tacos with chismol, fresh pineapple juice and then a chocolate cake.   The lunch was a lovely surprise!

I returned to Casa LAMB to be welcomed by the safe house girls and their tia who have been staying here a couple of weeks.  The best surprise was seeing Gina after several weeks in the hospital.  She is happy and healthy! 

I was upstairs unpacking about 3 pm when I texted Dulce, our cook.  "I'm back!  Where is my grandson? :)"  Dulce's daughter, Carmen was pregnant and was supposed to have the baby before I got back but hadn't yet.  The response to my text was a call from Francisco, Dulce's husband.  He explained that the baby was in trouble.  Not getting enough oxygen.  Dulce and Carmen were at the public hospital (Hospital Escuela.)  They had gone initially to another, nicer public hospital.  Turns out, that hospital isn't equipped to handle complicated births (!) so sent them to H. Escuela.  The baby was 16 days late and in distress.  They had been there since 8 am and Carmen still hadn't been seen!  

I called David and told him the situation.  David called Dulce and immediately called me back.  David and Evelyn leapt into action as they always do.  The situation was dire.  We agreed that money was no object to save the baby's life.   We needed to get Carmen to a private hospital immediately.  I followed them to Hospital Escuela where Carmen and Dulce were waiting for us on the street.  We rushed to Hospital San Jorge where Suzy met us.  They immediately took Carmen in for an ultra sound.  The baby's heart was too slow and could not survive natural birth.  An emergency C Section was required.  We rushed upstairs while they took Carmen back to  prep her for surgery.  The nurse told us one person could be in the operating room with Carmen.  Dulce was too frightened and pointed at me.  "You go!"

I went through the door to get dressed in scrubs.  They asked who I was and my relationship to Carmen.  "Um, I'm her aunt!"   I misunderstood the directions and went back to the waiting room in the scrubs.  I got yelled out and had to change into new scrubs!  The nurse put me in a corner and said, "Don't move!"  I didn't.   Another sweet nurse got my camera for me.  Soon it was time to go into the operating room.   Carmen was under anesthesia and they put me right at her feet!  The initial incision had already been made but I saw every thing else!  At one point (I am totally ignorant about medical stuff) the doctor turned to me and said grimly, "No water."  I understood that was when he got to wherever the water is supposed to be.   Needless to say, I had been praying constantly since Francisco's phone call.  At that point I redoubled my prayers.   

And then...at 5:18 pm on September 3, 2013, little Moises entered this life. One minute he wasn't there and the next minute he was!   I held my breath for an instant and then a wail!  Moises was alive!  They rushed him into the room next door and the nurse motioned me to follow.   He was coughing and choking from fluid in his mouth and lungs.  He was not enjoying the bulb syringe in his nose and mouth and he REALLY didn't like the tiny tube going down his throat and nose to suction the fluid.    Soon, the coughing, snorting, and sneezing stopped and he was fine.  The doctor weighed him (6 lb 11 oz) and measured him (18.5 inches) and assessed his condition.  "He is fine!  All is well!"  Glory Hallelujah!

They put a plexiglass box over him with a tube of oxygen blowing in it.  I sang to him, he checked me out, I caressed his tiny feet (the only part of him I could touch at the time) and texted Dulce!  The nurse asked me if I was his grandmother.  "Yes!"  (I walked in as the aunt and out as the grandmother!) Suddenly his face turned beet red and he grunted and grimaced.  Yep, first poop!   Then, of course, he got hungry.  He was mad that food wasn't forthcoming!  The nurse returned with a bottle of water (?) which satisfied him for the moment.  
After about an hour, Moises was all pinked up and ready to meet the world.  Carmen was on her way to her room.  I gave her a quick hug, assured her Moises was fine and ran to get Dulce.   A minute later, Dulce comes out to the waiting room holding her precious new grandson, beaming and speechless with joy!  Off the three of them went upstairs to Carmen's room.

I did not know this morning in Roswell GA that I would be witnessing a birth in Tegucigalpa HN this afternoon.   Thank you Lord for protecting Carmen and Moises and blessing me with this miraculous surprise!

Life happens and it is a miracle every time!