Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Another Spanish word that is fascinating to me is "jubilado."  It looks like jubilee or a form of jubilation, doesn't it?   It actually means "retired!"  I suppose in many ways, retirement in English also means a form of jubilation.

Wheeler died last night, never having opted for jubilado in his service to God.  In fact, after "flunking" hospice and spending a week in a long term care facility he deemed was for "sissies," he insisted on returning to rehab.  He immediately got back into physical therapy and set a goal to be out of rehab by Easter.  Monday morning we did morning prayer together.  During his personal intercessions, he prayed that God would show him a way he could continue to serve in His vineyard.  Wheeler was not about to be jubilado from serving God!  A day and a half later, the Risen Lord called him home.  It appears Jesus decided it was time for Wheeler to be jubilado.  I can only imagine the Jubilee going on in heaven to welcome him and the jubilation of his beloved wife, Margaret, to be reunited with him. 

How blessed I have been to have Wheeler in my life these last few years.  I am heavy hearted knowing that my mornings will be empty without our time of prayer and worship but mostly I am jubilant that my precious Wheeler is with his beloved Savior.  

As Wheeler so often said, "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord!"  Thanks be to God!