Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gracias Dios

Last evening a fire broke out in the boys bedroom  in the babies' cottage at the Children's Home.   Amidst the fear and damage God's presence was so clearly there. 

The Tia's bed (the caretaker) caught on fire from the electrical shortage.  Gracias Dios she wasn't in bed yet.

Jose Santos and Menguin, two of our beloved staff members, risked their own lives to rescue the little boys.  Gracias Dios.

One of the little boys, AJ, was taken to the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation.  By 11:00 today he was back at the Children's Home (for a visit), smiling and in good spirits with his beloved Tomasa who has cared for him since we got him at 3 months.  He is at Suzy's house now.  The other children were unharmed.  Gracias Dios.

The Atlanta team includes a bilingual crisis therapist, Julie, who joined us out there to help traumatized staff and children.  This is her first trip.  Gracias Dios.

Most of the Atlanta team worked all day long cleaning out the cottage, first sweeping soot off the walls, then scrubbing them.  During their breaks they played with the children.  The cottage is as clean as it can be at this point.  The rest of the Atlanta team continued their ministry in Flor and held the annual "Ladies Night Out" for 25 beautiful women from the most impoverished areas.  Gracias Dios.

All the babies and toddlers have been relocated to the big girls cottage. The girls embraced the children, shifted rooms, doubled up to make room for their little brothers and sisters.  Gracias Dios.

The Leadership Team spent the day at the Children's Home, working with experts to ensure the rest of the cottages are safe. The rest of the staff kept the children on their normal schedule of school, homework, chores, play.  Gracias Dios

The fire was horrible and we are all heartbroken but we all know that Jesus was in that room, leading Jose Santos to each child and protecting them all.  The cottage will be repaired, AJ will be fine, memories of that horrific event will fade.  What remains is the faithfulness and love of our Lord.