Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's new at SBV

Hola!  I spent the afternoon at the Children's Home in San Buenaventura today!   Here is a snapshot of what's new!

The windmills that were going up along the way to SBV are more plentiful and operational.  There are several groups of windmills, even more than when I left.  (What do you call a group of windmills?  A gust of windmills?  An erg of windmills?)  For those who expressed concern that they would be noisy and cause vibrations, they do neither!   This "erg" of windmills is viewed from the portico side of the chapel.  The construction has ended and they even repaired the perpetual twin set of potholes!

The stained glass windows are in, surrounding the door to the chapel.  They are breathtaking.

There is a computer lab at the SBV School!  These computers are borrowed from the school in Flor but in February, they will have their own lab!  The kids were hard at work using MS Word and other programs.  What a great sight that was.  I really hope we can get some robust software for the kids to hone their skills.  Imagine what this could mean for their future employability.  Arely also hopes to get pre-school programs for the non-readers.

 A team from St. Andrews, Charleston was here right after Christmas.  They hired a backhoe and cleared and leveled the area where the kids play soccer!  A forthcoming project is to build a wall around the field to keep the ball in play!   They also painted Sala Cuna.  The children are so proud of their newly painted home.  Abram took me through the whole cottage showing me the beautiful walls!

Toyita was working with the little girls on needlework.  It was so cute to see them working hard on learning several different stitches.  They really seemed to enjoy it...well, most of them.  Wendy was in tears struggling with hers.  I am not sure she has the patience needed for it!  Speaking of patience, Toyita is the soul of patience.   What a blessing she is and has been to the children (and the rest of us!) at the Children's Home.

I had a chance to see Marvin and Marjeli.  They both look great.  Marvin seemed quiet and when I saw him, he was alone.  I will be watching to see how he has integrated with the other kids.   Marjeli, on the other hand, has made herself right at home in Sala Cuna.  She gets cuter by the minute and barely stops long enough to have a picture taken!  This was the best I could do today. 

My first team of the year arrives on Saturday.  I can't wait to get the year kicked off again!

Stay tuned for more news around the ministries!


  1. Welcome back! Love the photos -- aren't you impressed that we were able to get so much done with the St. A's group without you? :-) But I am VERY GLAD that you are back in action! See you on Saturday!

  2. Ha, ha! I am not the least bit surprised y'all got so much done! It all looks great!