Sunday, January 15, 2012

And so it begins

Another year, a new season begins.

Today was the first full day of the first team in 2012.   This team is made up of both returning LAMB family members and, my favorite, first-timers.  I love seeing life here through their eyes -- the heartbreak of the extreme poverty, the horrified faces when they hear the children's stories, the thrill of seeing the Children's Home and the beauty of the surrounding mountains, the joy of loving the children, the tears as they recount their experiences of the day.  We did the normal Sunday routine -- pancakes for breakfast, church, lunch on the chapel portico, soccer and playtime and hug time with the kids, back to Casa LAMB for showers, dinner, devotional, bed.  Same ol' thing, right?

Not so fast... Yes, in some ways it was a typical Sunday but it was also a very special day we were all blessed to witness.  Today was Deacon Suzy's first service, her first time to celebrate!  Rather than ramble on about it in writing, I will share it with you in pictures except to say that when I received communion I burst into tears...of joy.

Ready for worship
Suzy prepares for the service
The service begins
Singing God's praises
Each Sunday School class participated
Jocelyn, and others, told how they had felt God's presence recently
Two of the newest members of the LAMB family - Carolyn, a first timer, and Marjeli
The homily - we are the church


Deacon Suzy's first congregation!

The team prayed for Suzy's ministry

One final thing always is the same...teams have fun!