Friday, February 25, 2011

A fork in the road

The roads in Flor del Campo are rough, dirty, and filled with deep potholes preventing a smooth ride towards your destination.  Sadly, the roads are a metaphor for the future facing the young boys and girls of Flor.   Their destination, all too often, is violence, drugs, and gangs. Parents are either non-existent, chronically ill, or working long hours to scrape together the one meal a day they can afford.   The “road” for too many of these children is steep and downhill.  
There is a new road emerging in Flor.  It is a road leading to a future free from drugs, violence, and gangs.  A road paved by the love of Jesus Christ and the passion of local volunteers working in the Alonzo Movement.  Alonzo was a young husband and father who worked for LAMB in Flor del Campo.  One day, Alonzo was murdered for his cell phone.   In reaction to this tragedy, the community came together for the first time to provide an alternative for the children, 8-18. A different road than the one chosen by the murderous gang member...  In just over a year, there are 150 children participating in the Alonzo Movement. 

The Alonzo Movement is organized into small groups of children who meet once a week.  The areas of focus include:
  • Spiritual formation and Values
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Academic development
  • Cultural and physical development, and recreation
  • Life skills
  • Community service

As I see the children around Flor, I can't help wonder which road they will take...
Please pray for and support the Alonzo Movement so these children and all those at risk can choose the road towards a bright future.