Thursday, February 17, 2011


It is interesting to me that the verb for wait and hope are the same - esperar.  The imperative form for both is espere.  "Espere!"  "Wait!"  "Hope!"  It seems very fitting that this word has those two meanings.   Hope involves waiting.  It isn't a passive waiting, but an expectant waiting, a trustful waiting.   I think this is an advantage the Hondurans, most of them so poor, have over us.  They understand hope-filled waiting. I see it all around me, every day.  This type of waiting is a spiritual state of mind. It isn't sitting around waiting for God to provide on a sliver platter.  Hope-filled waiting is making 1500 tortillas a day by hand, caring for your children amidst the dirt and violence all around, stretching a few beans and rice to feed the family.  And it means receiving unexpected gifts of food or clothing with joy and thanksgiving.  It also means seeing each other as a brother or sister in Christ. I am the beneficiary of it as my Honduran friends and colleagues encourage me, support me, comfort me, and love me.  

The ladies of La Cantera embody hope-filled waiting.  They are active and busy all day long, always ready with a smile, a hug, a blessing and a prayer. The two teams last week were blessed by them at the annual Ladies Night Out.  One lady wore the skirt she made last year!  We all look forward to this night.  A sense of joy and peace permeate the atmosphere, along with shrieks of laughter, hugs, and fun.  (Especially when Wheeler joined in on the chicken dance and the hokie pokie!)

San Buenaventura is all about hope-filled waiting.  The children come to us from horrific circumstances, traumatized and often with emotional problems.  What kind of future is in store for them?  Take Karla. 
Karla came to us as a pregnant 13 yr old, raped by a family member.  Last Friday,we all gathered at the chapel to celebrate her marriage!  There were certainly times of despair but how many people were engaged in Espere - praying and waiting and hoping for Karla?  Seeing Karla and Yareli, her daughter and flower girl, was such a joy!

We have another opportunity for Espere.  This morning, Suzy and I go to IHNFA (social services) to meet yet another 13 yr. old mother and her 1 yr. old baby.  Another rape victim courtesy of her grandfather.  (It is sickening to even write that.)  How do we respond?  We are already in hope-filled waiting.  Is LAMB called to take her in? Where?  SBV is not a viable option - too much hubbub for this child right now.  Casa LAMB (with me and Leamarie?) or Suzy's?  Or is another organization called to take her in?  I don't know.  All I can do is wait.  And hope.  And show her that, no matter what, she is loved.

Please join us in Espere for these children - mother and child.  While you wait in hope, enjoy the wedding pictures and ladies night out pictures -- evidence that hope works!