Saturday, January 22, 2011


Two and a half days into this new adventure and the word that comes to mind is... sublime.  Sitting out on our little balcony on a beautiful night.  It is neither warm nor cold.  There is the slightest breeze, just enough to keep the air from being too still, stars are out, reading my Kindle.  Life is grand.

So, Thursday Leamarie and I met at the airport in Atlanta for an uneventful flight.  We zoomed through immigration and customs to find Suzy, several of the girls, and David waiting for us.  A short drive delivered us to Casa LAMB.  Casa LAMB is really lovely. Quite big with a courtyard and a backyard with a patio and lawn!   We are in a "gated" community (Honduras style) with a wall surrounding the property.  Very safe.   There were 3 people staying here (they left today.)  Jeremy is the founder of She Dances, the ministry to help rescue trafficked girls.  Johnny and Michelle are on the She Dances board and were visiting the safe house for the first time.

We stuffed our suitcases in a bedroom and headed off to the safe house and then to SBV!   The safe house is a nice small home, way off the beaten path.  There are 2 girls, a full time psychologist, Tatiana, and caretakers.  The girls are 17 and 18 but look more like 12 and 13.  They had been abused since they were about 10 and trafficked for the last few years.  The younger one doesn't know how to read or write.  They have been there for 3 months and have made good progress but have a very long way to go.  Thanks be to God for the vision and commitment of Jeremy and the rest of the She Dances organization.

Next stop - The Children's Home!  I couldn't get out of the van fast enough!  "Ahora, vivo agui!"  (Now, I live here!)  The children greeted me with huge hugs and smiles.   I can't wait to move out there.  The kids have really grown since October.  Genesis doesn't look like a baby anymore, Yolani is walking with someone holding her hand, Maria Mercedes (16 mo)  thumps around on her stocky little legs and Aaron Joshue is talking!

Friday, our first full day and they put us to work immediately!  Leamarie met with Valerie and Jackie, directors of the schools, to begin planning the teacher workshops.  I met with Evelyn to discuss what I would be doing.  Well, my first day of work started with a promotion!  I am now the Jefe (boss) of Casa LAMB!  Running a B&B was not something I expected to do, but hey, that's what they need now and I could always learn a new skill... like cleaning.  They just moved Casa LAMB to this house so I have a lot of work to do to decorate it, make it comfortable, get essentials in place (like hot water) in time for the first team to arrive in a couple of weeks.   In the afternoon, Leamarie and I went to Price Smart (like Sam's Club) and bought some things and then got home (!) in time for a big fiesta.   It was a welcome party for us, a going away party for the She Dances group and a birthday party for David's older son (7) Joshue.  Judy (pronounced Hoo-dy) is the cook and made loads of DELISH Honduran food.  So good.  My favorite drink is Jamaica juice (pronounced HI-Ka-Ma) made from hibiscus flowers.  It tastes a little like cranberry juice but not so tart and Judy says it helps you loose weight.  Guzzle, guzzle.

Today, Saturday, was a slower day.  Mari picked us up at about 11:30, we stopped by the store to get two huge cakes, and headed out to Suzy's  for another birthday party.  This time it was for Sallie (8) and all the SBV kids were there.  There were clowns, face painting and lots of playing.  All the kids got a gift which was cool.  Dunia is so sweet with Yolani, the blind 2 yr old.  I told Dunia (11) that I could tell she really loves Yolani. She blushed and nodded in agreement.  Some of the kids kept asking me if I was really here to stay.  "Si!" 

We are still getting organized and settled in but I am already so happy here.  I just love the Hondurans.  They are so warm and loving.   Tomorrow we go back to SBV to go to church.  Worshiping with the children is a wonderful experience.  Little Daniel (9) is particularly great.  I think he is a pastor in the making.  I remember when he had first come to us and he was so naughty!  Now he is a dear, so kind and thoughtful. 

The older kids hanging out at Suzy's


In line to receive a gift

Playing with Yolani and her new "pato"

Leamarie and Yolani



Maria Mercedes
Yolani and Dunia