Sunday, January 23, 2011

A child's wisdom

Today we went to SBV for church.  It is a wonderful and lively experience!  90% of the congregation are children!  Many of them have some sort of percussion instrument (tamborines, etc) and they know all the words to the songs and sing them with everything they've got.  Elvia, the Episcopal priest, celebrated a lovely Eucharist. It is so sweet to see the children rush up to take communion.

The best part of the service was Suzy's homily.  First of all, I understood most of it!  (Woohoo!)  She was involving the children and using props to talk about the various ways to make a connection with God.  The children offered up several different ways - pray, read the bible, sing hymns, listen... Then Suzy brought Suyapa up to the front and gave her a hand mirror.  She had Suyapa look at herself in the mirror and then asked how that could help make a connection.  Silence.   "Reflect on it!" Suzy exhorted us all. So, Dunia came up and said, "If you look hard in the mirror you can see what God has done in your life and that you are the likeness of God."   I was so moved particularly reflecting on Dunia when she first came to us a few years ago so disconnected from God and everyone else.

I will always be awestruck by the miracles that occur there.  Little Paola (4) and Abram (3) are examples.  Paola came from an extremely violent environment.  All last year I don't think I ever saw her smile or play.  She would walk solemnly through her little life.  Now she runs up to me full of smiles and giggles to initiate games!  Abram, whose mother is a deaf mute, had very little expression when he came to us.  Today at church he was standing on a chair holding a tamborine and grooving to the praise hymn!  What a change.  Thanks be to God.

I want to share pictures of Casa LAMB and dispel a rumor.  The rumor is that there are no road signs in Honduras.  Well, that simply isn't true.   I am including a picture of a huge road sign...the only thing is that it is in the grocery store!

Street sign in La Colonia!

Check out the picture of my GPS which is doing a great job of providing directions, "In .4 miles, turn left on road."   It works just fine though!

Tomorrow I am going to start my job as El Jefe (my version: Jeferina - pronounced heiferina) of Casa LAMB.

Our gated community

The backyard and patio

The front door

Leamarie up on our balcony

Dominoes delivers!

View in the neighborhood

God is truly in this place.  I hope you feel His presence there as well.