Saturday, July 12, 2014

Unexpected blessings

There is a certain rhythm to teams.  It is a bit like the movie, Groundhog Day, except it is a week that keeps repeating.   Each team is different and I so enjoy getting to know the team members.  The schedule is almost always the same and I can anticipate the team's reactions as the week passes and the experiences occur.   I love seeing the team take it all in. I find joy in their joy as they meet the children, watch the devotional, take pride in the progress of their project.  In the evenings, they share the blessings they have received and I represent the Hondurans by sharing the blessings they have given us.  It is beautifully the same week in, week out.  However, the Lord always has unexpected blessings for us all.  

This past week was a wonderful example.  We had a huge team from St. Andrew's in Mount Pleasant, SC. -- 23 people ranging from 8 to 50 something.  Our projects included building 2 rock walls, adding a level to the new soccer field stands and painting beds.  Mario, our construction supervisor and LAMB employee, had hired 4 local construction workers to help us.  Jose Luis and Juan had been working with us most of the summer.  Milton and Angel were new to the work.  Perhaps because many of the kids were at camp, or maybe just because of the nature of the work and the workers, we all became very close to the workers quickly.   

Monday, as we straggled back from lunch, I was surprised to see Angel and Milton (our staff member, Milton) sitting on the stands singing and playing a child sized guitar.  A couple others joined us to listen to them sing and play.  To our surprise, they started singing the Spanish version of Here I Am To Worship.  Angel, with a sweet smile, invited the girls to sing along as he played.  This became our lunchtime ritual. We would invite the men to join us for lunch and then we would sing.  Thursday and Friday we brought a guitar from Casa LAMB.   As we found more and more songs we knew in common, the English and Spanish voices would be lifted together in beautiful worship, mingling together in perfect harmony.  Spirit filled, hearts uplifted, tears streaming from all eyes, we experienced the Kingdom of God.  As Milton, the worker prayed, "Thank you Lord for uniting us as brothers and sisters as we are in your Kingdom."   An unexpected blessing.

Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place...
I see glory on each face. 
Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.