Friday, January 10, 2014

"Don't we have a wonderful family?"

My great aunt Bessie, at any family gathering, would beam and in her high pitched proper Victorian voice proclaim, "Don't we have a wonderful family?"  This has become a family tradition in my mother's extended family.  Whenever two or more of us are gathered together, someone inevitably asks the question in as close an approximation as possible of Bessie's voice.  We always laugh but also, in our hearts, agree and are thankful to be a part of such a wonderful family.

I have another wonderful family here in Honduras.  Today was a particularly wonderful family day.  Several of the staff members and Suzy had a Caminata de Oracion -- a Prayer Walk.  They started out in the offices and then moved to each of our ministry locations. At each location they sang praise songs and then prayed in every room!  Praying for the things that happen there - a pure and restorative sleep in the bedroom, peace and harmony in the living room, provision and nutrition for body and soul in the kitchen.  They do this every year.  What a way to begin a new year!  

I met them at Suzy's house... Singing while Dony played the guitar.  Then the prayers.  Arely began praying for the home and the family.  When she was done, we poured anointing oil on our hands and dispersed through the house.  Some went individually, some went in small groups.  I moved through the house, praying for Olimpia, Mirza, and Tomasa where I encountered them.  I think this is the most intimate thing you can do with someone.   We finished by calling Suzy's entire family into the living room while we all prayed for them.  

Then off we went to the Children's Home.  All the children were gathered in the courtyard waiting for us.

We all sang several child friendly songs, many of the children raising their voices along with ours.  (The teenage girls rolled their eyes as teens are wont to do!)  Then, again, we separated into groups to pray in each cottage for the environment and the children and caretakers.

My group's first stop was Angela's cabin.  All the little boys were with us.  Angela is so dear and loves those boys deeply.    They are devoted to her.  We ended our prayer walk through her cabin in Angela's room.  Angela's son was murdered early last year and she is still wracked with pain.  The prayers for her peace, her health and well-being, and the love that filled the room brought her (and me!) to tears.  Her boys rushed up to her to hug her in response to those tears (which made me cry even more.)  Angela is the embodiment of Grace.

We prayed all through the big girls' cabin and for Rosalina, the tia.

 Our final stop was the kitchen. These lovely ladies cook 3 meals and 2 snacks a day for about 75 people.  They do this with joy, love, and laughter every day.  

As my great-aunt Bessie always said, "Don't we have a wonderful family?"