Thursday, March 7, 2013

Scarlett update

I was almost in Valley of the Angels today at about 12:00 when Suzy called.  Scarlett and her grandmother had just shown up at our Flor office.  (So much for the trip to San Pedro Sula the grandmother told us about the day before.)  Suzy was teaching at the girls' school so neither of us could get there.  Suzy talked to the grandmother and Scarlett on the phone.  Scarlett was repeating what the grandmother was telling her to say.  

Thanks be to God, Scarlett is alive and in relatively good health.  My worst fears are relieved.  The grandmother announced they were moving and Suzy admonished her to leave detailed directions to their new house.   Gmother has already demonstrated that she has little acquaintance with truth telling so who knows whether she will leave accurate directions.

Scarlett is still at very high risk.  Prayers are needed in a most urgent way.  

The following pictures tell the story.  The first is from the day we picked her up at Social Services.  The second was taken at the Children's Home in October.  The third was taken today.  

Lord, thank you for showing us that Scarlett is alive, please bring Scarlett home to us.  Amen