Tuesday, May 8, 2012

There's a pony in there

An old joke:  A group of workers were mucking out stalls in a horse barn.  All but one of them were grousing and complaining about the disgusting nature of the job. However, one guy was singing, smiling and thoroughly enjoying his work.  Finally, the others couldn't stand it any longer.  They confronted him in anger.  "What's wrong with you?  Don't you realize how awful this job is?  How menial this job is?  You must be an idiot!"  The happy man replied, "Well, I just figure with all this horse poop there must be a pony in there somewhere!"

I am the guy singing while up to his elbows in poop.  To avoid going too far with this metaphor let me say it another way: I wear rose colored glasses.  I have been accused, chided, and ridiculed for being naive or for having a bleeding heart.  I prefer to think of myself as ever hopeful.  Yes, I see and smell the poop.  I just choose to believe there just might be a pony.

What happens when you wear rose colored glasses while mucking the stable?  Your heart gets broken when there really isn't a pony.  You are humiliated when people know way before you that there is no pony.  And sometimes you just get tired of mucking the stable.  But...then... there's a pony! All the heart break, humiliation, and exhaustion fall away.  Your heart is full to bursting with joy. 

OK, enough about stables and the implied poop.  (Relieved, right?)  Let me express this in a better, classier, and more faithful way.  I believe there is always hope of something better.  I believe that the Lord can and will redeem anything if we let Him.  I think we should change our perspective from "No way" to "Why not?"  When faced with a challenge or new idea, resist listing all the reasons it won't work, can't be done, has failed before, isn't worth the trouble... Instead, find a way to say, "YES! Let's give it a try."  

Isn't that a recurring theme in the Bible?  Have faith, trust in God, nothing is impossible for the Risen Lord.  Doesn't Jesus promise us redemption?  Isn't the Bible full of miracles?

Here are some people who found ponies:

Julia.  She owns a successful roasted nut business.  She has received several loans from our micro-credit program to improve her business.  She can't read or write...for now.  She is beginning the "Educatodos" program to continue her education.  Educatodos is a government program for people who didn't go to school.  We provide the space for it at our school in Flor. 

Alonzo kids.  In the midst of the gang ridden, drug infested, impoverished barrio they live in, they have found Christian fellowship, loving mentors, academic tutoring, nurturing guidance and futbol!  They are preparing for a major tournament this summer!  They now have a choice in their lives...and hope.

Wendy.  Last year Wendy and Noelia arrived at the Children's Home shellshocked from neglect, injured from burns and frightened.  This week Wendy is running for President of the School!

So, grab your shovels, put on your rose colored glasses and find those ponies!  Oh, yeah, trust in the Risen Lord - that He is in charge and He can do anything!