Friday, March 30, 2012

I met you in my dreams

The morning before I returned to Honduras I had a very vivid dream.  A baby girl was in my arms. I was  hugging her and she was holding onto me with her head nestled in my shoulder.   I woke up abruptly and the dream and baby were gone.  It must have been a dream about Amandita, I thought at the time.

Today was my first full day back.  As usual, nothing I expected to happen happened.  Early in the AM I got a message from David inviting me to the staff devotional at the school in Flor.  Next week is Holy Week and all the schools are closed as are our offices.  As the week goes on, more and more businesses and stores close down as Honduras heads for the beach or other vacation spot.  The event today was both a pre-Semana Santa luncheon and a devotional for the hard working staff.

After lunch the devotional started.  I did not expect to dissolve into tears.  I can't quite explain it but by the second song, tears were streaming down my face.  It was so moving to me to be there worshiping with all my Honduran friends and co-workers.  We are surrounded by such suffering, everyone is worried about finances, everyone lives a difficult life and works so hard for next to nothing.  Yet, they are always full of joy and their faith shines through the darkness all around us.   Inspiration is not nearly a big enough word.  After a homily from Suzy about missionaries who sacrificed everything to serve God, we did foot washing.  Again came the tears.  I think foot washing is one of the most intimate things you can do with someone.  Watching it is beautiful but also so personal.  At some point in the afternoon, Suzy whispered to me that INFHA had called wanting us to take a baby girl.  Semana Santa is a very difficult time to take on new children because we are so short staffed.  Suzy thought we would get her after Easter.

"Is it too late to get her today," I asked?  I'll take care of her at Casa LAMB!  Well, an hour later we were at INFHA and I met her --  the baby in my dream!    I picked her up and she immediately grabbed onto me and nestled her head in my shoulder!  Her name is Escarlet (Like Scarlett O'Hara!) and she is a charmer.   Her birth mother is 17.  They lived on the streets, then Escarlet lived with an aunt for two months and then the last 8 days at INFHA.  The mother filled out some papers and then disappeared.   And now she is ours!

Sallie, Suzy's 9 year old daughter, immediately volunteered to spend the night with me and help with the baby. Sallie is a natural and has been a Godsend!   Ultimately, Escarlet will live at the Children's Home.  I will spend this week loving her and taking her to SBV to meet the children and become acclimated.  Meanwhile, the baby in my dreams is asleep next to me.

My first view of Escarlet

Sallie helping to bathe her!

The baby in my dream
It appears I have a newly developing tradition for Semana Santa (Holy week) -- caring for rescued babies... On this same day last year, late in the afternoon, INHFA called us and asked us to take Wendy and Noelia.  They stayed with me those first several days.  This year is Escarlet!  Thanks be to God for this ministry.  I hope your week is a holy one.