Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coming and going

My son, Hunter, was a freshman at Va. Tech when the massacre occurred.   It was snowing sideways that day.  Late that night, he and his friends collected all their cash, bought coffee, and took it to the police guarding the campus.  He was so moved by their courage and dedication.  "Mom, when everyone was running away from the building, they were running in."  Why? That's what they do.  They protect the innocent.    I was reminded of this when I heard the Peace Corps was pulling out of Central America.  Isn't it interesting that the secular group leaves as the Christians continue to come...

The situation here is nothing like the Va Tech campus that day.  Sure, there are pockets of extreme danger and far too many people are victims of violence, mostly drug and gang related.   But not here.  Everyday, I and the current mission team go about our business of serving God's lambs.  Why?  Because that's what we do we follow the Lamb wherever He goes. 

We have devotionals in the spacious, lovely and safe Casa LAMB.
Honduran and US leadership teams singing praise songs together
We drive through the beautiful, mountainous countryside to the Children's Home.

We meet new friends and reconnect with old friends.

Karen and her new friend Marvin

Catching up with Jocelyn after 3 years

 We work, sometimes with help.

Harold, Harry, Angus wire the boys' dorm

Steve and Elias Hernandez
Kent building shelves in the school bodega

We love one another.

Boys become men...

...and little girls bloom...

That's what we do here.