Friday, July 22, 2011

Everything old is new again

We have a team from Holy Trinity in Ridgeland, SC.  They are new to LAMB!  It is such a joy to experience people's first visit with them.  It is sort of like being on my first mission trip over and over! This team is a particularly sweet team who welcomed me immediately as part of their family.   So, every day is a new experience for them and I have been showing them all the people and places as well as explaining Honduran culture and answering their questions.  It occurred to me that there have been many changes this year that y'all may not have seen.

So, here is a partial list (as many as I can remember!)

San Buenaventura (and on the way)

  • 13 windmills with more coming (projected date to start them up is December)
  • Repaired road leading into the Children's Home.  We had a couple teams earlier this year working on it and the last two teams have worked on it.  It is much better and, so far is holding up in the rains.
  • Two new walls and leveled ground behind and in front of Sala Cuna (the nursery cabin) 
  • Concrete floors in the Boy's Dormitory
  • A new recreation room for the kids
  • 2 baby girl goats
  • Swings on the swing set
  • New knee pads and gloves for Aaron Joshue
  • New tutors (our hearts broke when we had to say good-bye to Tomasa and Antonyetta due to our financial difficulties)
2 of the many windmills

Filling pot holes on our road!

New wall behind Sala Cuna

Finished floors in boys' dorm

Playing foosball in the new rec room

Kids named the goats Amanda and Suzy!

Level ground and new wall by the cottages

AJ decked out with his cool knee pads and gloves!

 Flor ministries
  • An excited and energized Alonzo Movement after the Today Show filming and an unexpected gift of 400 pairs of shoes from the Buckner Organization!  (We can't post Today Show weekend pictures until after the segment airs...except these of the soccer tournament!)
  • A robust and growing Micro-enterprise program
  • A rockin' school celebrating Cacique Lempira Day (Lempira is a national hero) 
Don Wilbur who led the Today Show to us!

SBV boys (in blue) playing in the tournament

SBV girls played too (in same uniforms!)

San Vicente (where Suzy lives)
  • Sammy!  We got Sammy at 3 months, scrawny and malnourished.  His new mother, Mari, has transformed him into a bouncy, chubby, adorable bundle of joy!
  • A new roof, bat free!
  • A renewed Jasmin, graduated from her drug rehab program and preparing to attend cooking school
Sammy on his half birthday!

Jasmine and her much loved son, Lester Alexander

Safe House
  • 2 more lovely young ladies, rescued from horrors we can't begin to imagine (No pictures allowed).  The youngest girl we have is 11, one just turned 12, one is 14, and two are 17.
  • A real, live beautiful landscaped backyard!
  • Lots of framed pictures of the children from SBV and the school
  • A huge wood LAMB logo on the wall
  • Lovely curtains made by Anne Patrick's sewing circle from La Cantera
  • Lots of Central American art and bedspreads
Mango tree!
Flower bed around the pinata pole!
Just wait till the bushes grow!
Banana tree bed!