Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Be prepared for anything...Part 2

If you have been reading my blog or have been here before, you know that predictability is a myth.  So yesterday, the leadership team suggested I spend Holy Week at the Children's Home.  Fredisman and Jimmy will be doing a lot of maintenance at Casa LAMB during this down time and I can help Wendy and Noelia transition to their new home.  My reaction?  In the words of Brer Rabbit, "Throw me into that briar patch!"  I have been eying Valerie's Cottage since I got here, redecorating in my mind.  Right now, I am sitting outside with a cool, gentle breeze, great view and sounds of happy children all around me.  Bueno.

Wendy was not as excited as I was, however.  The Children's Home is an unknown to her filled with strangers.  Yesterday we moved in to the cottage.  Arely took her to see where she will be staying, initially in Sala Cuna with her sister but spending her days with the girls her age in Toyita's house.  There isn't room right now in Toyita's house for her to sleep there.  As we sat on her new bed, Wendy looked at me with big eyes and huge tears forming.  Arely and I quickly agreed that she would spend the night with me.  Phew.  Then she and I went to Suzy's for dinner.  Sallie, Lucy, and Elsa were great engaging her in play.

This morning, Wendy got a bucket bath.  This is about both Wendy needing a bath and me being a coward.  I figured she could go first while I figured out the whole thing.  I'm still contemplating my first bucket bath... After the bath our breakfast arrived courtesy of two of the older girls delivering it from the kitchen.  We took Wendy and her breakfast to Toyita's cabin so she could eat with the girls.  They were so sweet.  They welcomed her as their sister and friend, sang a welcome song, and generally showed delight that she was there. I think I will have breakfast every morning there too so I can hear Toyita's morning devotional.   Toyita is one of those people whom you know immediately is a truly special person.  What a gift to us she is.

It didn't take long after breakfast for Wendy to disappear with the girls playing behind Toyita's!   When I think about what her home life was, what her month at INHFA was like, I am so relieved and overjoyed that she and Noelia are here.  Thanks be to God for this place and all the people here!

Tomasa gives Noelia a sink bath!

Toyita leading the morning devotional

Wendy (bottom left) with her new sisters and friends!