Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where there's God's will, there's a way!

Today was day 2 of the team's work days. We have several different teams and mini-teams going in SBV and Flor. Some are working on the boy's dormitory (more on that later), some working in Flor teaching the La Cantera ladies to sew (pants this year!) and preparing for the annual Ladies Night Out, some are organizing and cataloging the books in the SBV school library, and some are doing crafts, games, and English lessons with the children. It is a very busy group! As always, everyone is cheerful, helpful, patient, hardworking, and ready to fall into bed early every night.

The construction team is really earning their big bucks! On Monday they were hauling buckets of sand up a rocky path and hoisting through a window to pour into the cavernous pit of the bathroom so others could start tamping. It is grueling work. The appearance of the children late in afternoon gave them a huge boost of renewed enthusiasm and energy! Nevertheless, there were lots of jokes about getting backhoes, bulldozers...even a simple pulley would help!

Day 2 - I walked up to the construction site to make sure everything was in place for the team to begin work when I heard one of the men say something about installing a pulley. With a sweet smile on my face I inwardly groaned. "Ug. How am I going to get them a pulley? How do you say 'pulley' in Spanish? How can I act out a 'pulley'? How far will we have to go to get one? Who will drive?" Before I could say a word, the Casa LAMB guys triumphantly produced a small, rusted pulley! They had found it on a broken pinata holder (!) in our backyard! The mason found a well used piece of rope and, ta da!, a pulley was up and running!

The thing is, every team, sub-team, and individual feels s/he is here doing God's will. As the week goes on, there is a greater sense of urgency to make significant progress. In this case, for the construction team, where there is God's will, there was a way! Great job, guys!

Judy's upper arm workout

Beautiful Andrea

Debbie and the guys

Crafty Helen!

Maestra Caroline

English lessons from Caroline